There are a number of books on a shelf. If one book is the 6th from the left and 4th from the right, how many books are on the shelf?

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product arrow Super-Villain Team-Up #8

Super-Villain Team-Up #8
Price Rp 50.000
Berat 80 gram

Super-Villain Team-Up #8


"Escape!" Guest-starring the Shroud. Script by Steve Englehart. Art by Keith Giffen (breakdowns) and Owen McCarron (finishes). Cover by Marie Severin. In a dramatic reversal of roles, Dr. Doom finds himself a prisoner of Atlantis! Shrewd maneuvering by Namorita and Tamara has brought the Latverian monarch under their control! But now that they have him, what are they going to do with him? Meanwhile, the Shroud and the Sub-Mariner make a run for the border to escape Latveria! However, Doom's civilian authorities are in hot pursuit! When the fleeing duo comes across a traveling circus, they see a perfect opportunity to blend in with the performers and slip out of the country! But this isn't an ordinary circus, it's the Circus of Crime! Are Prince Namor and the Shroud ready to battle under the big top? First 30 issue. 32 pages Cover price $0.30.