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product arrow Robin Guild The Finishing Touch

Price Rp 150.000 Beli
Berat 1,15 Kg

Robin Guild: The Finishing Touch
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley Artists House
Hardcover, 263p., bhs Inggris
Kondisi baik

Making the most of the things you own

A house is not a home unless it has been given your personal imprint. Even after you have made your choice of colours, wall-coverings, and curtains, your house is merely a shell until you have filled it with your own things. The Finishing Touch is about the things you place in your homes--those possessions you proudly display, as well as those necessities you'd rather hide away.

You may feel that there are no worthwhile items in your home--no antiques, no master paintings, no collections of valuable curios. But you do have books and papers, old photographs, and mementos, as well as eating utensils and other utilitarian items. The Finishing Touch encourage you to take a fresh look at the contents of your home to decide whether you are doing them justice. Whether carefully arranged, scattered at random or discreetly hidden away, these objects make a statement about you. The Finishing Touch suggests ways to use these items to make your home an originial showcase that reflects your personality and taste.

Recognizing that your belongings are personal and that the way you deal with them is a matter of individual taste and feelings, the book does not give answers or dictate rules. Instead, it will show you how to start asking the right questions and making the right beginnings. You can establish the kind of environment you want by making the contents of your home work for you.

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