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Diam. Tak berarti mati. Mati. Tak berarti hilang. Hilang. Tak berarti terhapus. Yang bersisa adalah kenangan~~eva inzu
  • Mo Yan: Sorgum Merah (2012 Literature Nobel Winner)
  • Hai Edisi Khusus: Harta Karun
  • Fujiko F. Fujio: Dorabase
  • Dongeng 4 in 1: 10 Dongeng Hewan Peternakan
  • Mad Magazine #359 July 1997
  • Courage, Eight Portraits By Gordon Brown
  • Joe Sacco: Palestina Membara
  • Neil Gaiman: Dream Country (The Sandman #3)
  • Marketing Aesthetics
  • Scavenger by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
  • A Game of Thrones The Illustrated Edition
  • Matt Kindt: 2 Sisters
  • National Geographic The Covers : Iconic Photographs, Unforgettable Stories
  • Jeff Lemire: Essex County (Collected)
  • 20th Century Boys: The Perfect Edition, Vol. 2
  • Before Watchmen Set
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product arrow 1908 Peter Guttridge: No Laughing Matter

1908 Peter Guttridge: No Laughing Matter
Price Rp 15.000 Beli
Berat 0,31 Kg
This sparkling debut fires volleys of one-liners . . . Romping good stuff. "Daily Mail" An original and highly readable debut for journalist-turned-gumshoe, Nick Madrid. But a word of warning: never let this man house-sit if you value your pets. Lynne Truss Made me laugh out loud and wince in sympathy at both the violence and the humiliation meted out to the narrator . . . enormous fun. Val McDermidTom Sharpe meets Raymond Chandler in "No Laughing Matter," a humorous and brilliant debut that will keep readers on a knife s edge of suspense until the bittersweet end.When a naked woman flashes past Nick Madrid s hotel window, it s quite a surprise. For Nick s room is on the 14th floor, and the hotel doesn t have an outside elevator. The management is horrified when Cissie Parker lands in the swimming pool not only is she killed, but she makes a real mess of the shallow end.In Montreal for the Just For Laughs festival, Nick, a journalist who prefers practicing yoga to interviewing the stars, turns gumshoe to answer the question: did she fall or was she pushed? The trail leads first to the mean streets of Edinburgh and then to Los Angeles, where the truth lurks among the dark secrets of Hollywood.Peter Guttridge is the Royal Literary Fund writing fellow at Southampton University and teaches creative writing. Between 1998 and 2002, he was the director of the Brighton Literature Festival. Since 1998, he has been the mystery reviewer for "The Observer," one of Britain s most prestigious Sunday newspapers. He lives in Sussex on the edge of the South Downs National Park."

Corvus, bahasa Inggris
Paperback, 252p.
Dimensions 134 x 192 x 24mm
ISBN 9780972577649
Kondisi: baik

Minimal order 30.000 pertransaksi

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